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Web Site Development
Many organizations are yet not ready to launch a full-scale in-house e-business initiative, but they want to present a quality web site that provides a strong market presence. These companies typically do not have the time or capability to build a professional web site. Often it is not their specialty. They turn to Starsoft and use our creative talents to meet their business and technical web requirements.
A web site also needs a domain and hosting. Through our relationships with hosting companies, we are able to easily obtain your site registered and online within a few hours.
A good well-designed web site is becoming increasingly important. At Starsoft, we employ tried and tested seven-step process.
Our' Seven Step Web Development Methodology' is as follows :
1. Discover - Research the industry & understand the client's stakeholder expectation
2. Define - Set goals and objectives, & establish business and technical requirements.
3. Structure - Define content, develop site map, and document individual page functionality.
4. Design/prototype - Produce visual designs and prototype site, usability test.
5. Build & test - Produce production version of site, QA test, user test, and provide bug-fixing.
6. Launch - Signoff for launch, register and host domain, move to live environment, soft launch to ensure integrity, hard launch.
7. Evaluate & maintain - Review site against original goals and objectives, determine continued development .
Our web site development service is often the start of a longer-term business relationship. Many of our clients have migrated to an e-business solution where we include additional services on their web site, provide an internal Intranet, and provide some of the processes that provide the day-to-day operation for their company.
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