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Web Application Development Services
The current velocity of market and technology developments is driving most companies to rethink their ‘go-to-market’ business strategies so as to acclimatize to the newly emerging business and technology ecosystem. Business differentiation, time-to-market, corporate flexibility, and market response time are the principal trends influencing and driving the significant market changes. Leading companies in most sectors are adopting innovative IT strategies to support the way forward; a key strategy is the use of Web-based applications that represent deployment of customized solutions with the capability to be accessed from any Internet browser on any platform.
In general, mission-critical applications used by large significant segments of the business community don’t adequately sustain their business model and lack the ability to routinely transform in tandem with market changes! Companies, for the most part typically end up with an outsized amount of unnecessary, unusable, and costly features from software vendors. The upshot is that companies find themselves twisting their business practices and processes at odd angles to fit the vendor software.
Custom developed Web-based applications provide organizations with solutions that meet their exact business requirements, support their business model, and result in a significant reduction of software development and support cost in contrast with their current development approaches.
Starsoft Web Application Development Services
Starsoft provides customized Web Application Development Services to organizations based upon their unique business and technical requirements.
Examples of Starsoft’s Web application development experience include :
    Content Management System for managing web pages for a website, or a corporate network
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    e-Commerce sites
    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    Knowledge Management
    Managing digital assets: video, audio and photography
    Service Desk
Web Applications Technical Environments
Starsoft develops Web applications within the following technical environments :
Windows Platform
    IIS Web Server
    MS Access
    MS SQL Server
Linux Platform
    Apache Web Server
Both Platforms
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