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Starsoft helps clients to identify and realize their business potential by providing easy to use and innovative technical solutions at their finger tips. Our end-to-end solutions and services have been successfully providing our clients new ways to implement their IT strategy rapidly, cost effectively with minimal risk.
Operating System
Windows XP, 2003 & Vista.
Programming Tools
Visual Studio. NET 2008 (VB.NET, C#), VB6, JAVA.
Web Technologies
ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, XML, Java, Java Servlets, JSP, EJB, Perl, CGI, PHP, Javascript, WML, WPF, WCP, WWF, WebLogic, Web Sphere, Web Objects, TCP/IP, Sockets, MOSS.
Web Tools
Visual Studio.2008, Cold Fusion, FrontPage, Flash, Dreamweaver, Web Matrix, Silverlight, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Blend.
Web Servers
Internet Information Server (IIS), Apache.
Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, Visual FoxPro, MSDE.
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