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Remote Infrastructure Management
Today’s most successful businesses face challenges to effectively optimize their IT infrastructure and operations to deliver services to match and exceed the expectations of their clients without compromising on quality and security. An enterprise may face challenges of managing multi-platform and multi-vendor solutions on a 24x7 basis to support mission-critical requirements. Also, they have to cope with system downtime, temperamental interoperability between systems or none at all, and attrition of skilled labor and obsolescence of technology. If this wasn't hard enough, there's constant pressure to minimize capital and operational expenditure and maximize ROI. To do this, they need to deploy and operate a multitude of enterprise-grade monitoring and management tools and utilities and maintain a 24x7 availability of well trained and qualified professionals to effectively ensure maximum uptime and performance.
Hence many companies are turning towards Remote Infrastructure Management Service (RIM). RIM is increasingly becoming a popular alternative to existing sourcing models of an Infrastructure Management Service. RIM services consist of remote monitoring (i.e., outside physical premises of a company’s facilities) and managing the infrastructure components, taking proactive steps and remedial actions across the IT landscape. Remote Monitoring and Management can be undertaken through a combination of offshore/near-shore/global delivery center. Often termed as an Operations Management Centre (OMC) consisting of skilled staff to provide monitoring service, manage infrastructure, ensuring uptimes and availability.
Starsoft understands how crucial performance and availability are to any enterprise with mission-critical online applications, and deploy a variety of tools to provide Advanced Monitoring Services to customers. Starsoft's Advanced Monitoring Services provide our customers with Failure and Pre-failure Notification, Threshold Alarms and Statistical Trend-analysis. Experts at Starsoft implement and support a wide range of infrastructure technology solutions; from an initial network assessment to fully supported maintenance options. Each option is designed to your specific business requirements. Our support team will collaborate with you and your IT team to understand your specific infrastructure needs and build a scalable solution to make the most out of and protect your IT investment as your business grows. With extensive experience in assessing, planning, designing, integrating, and maintaining desktops, servers and networks, Starsoft can design, deliver and manage any phase of an end-to-end enterprise infrastructure implementation.
Starsoft Offer’s
Setting up Software on Remote Servers
Remote Administration of servers (Unix-based, WinNT/2000)
Analysis and Improvement of Server Security
Linux Administration Support
Firewall Configuration Support
Router Configuration Supports
Remote Desktop Support
Server Installation Support
Online Desktop Management
Database Administration
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