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Pay ME
Pay ME a fully integrated payroll software is highly modular and customizable solution. It is a state-of-art, intelligent and integrated software product offering end-to-end solution.
Key Pay ME benefits include :
Data entry reduced to the minimum.
Very user friendly and therefore training made very easy.
Very fast processing of Salary.
Report Designer for the user.
Query Builder.
Formula and Condition Editor.
OLAP enabled.
Key Pay ME features include :
Unlimited number of Job Grades, Departments, Designations, Locations, Branches, Categories, Allowances, Deductions, Reimbursements etc., And of course, any number of Employees.
Complex salary structures are handled (using robust formula and condition editors), be it Bonus or ESI or Canteen Allowance along with all the other simpler ones like DA, HRA etc.
Multiple overtime definitions, one each for each jobs grade, or each department.
Offshore maintenance support (Bug fixes, user support, and 24x7 support)
An extensive Arrears Module which can compute any arrears payment, due to Retrospective revisions, or changes that occur due to a transfer or increments.
Any type or number of loans can be configured with interest calculation on reducing balance method or flat.
Any type or number of policies can be configured.
Options for stopping and releasing salary.
Flexible definitions of Leaves and availment rules.
Options available for multiple "net pay rounding " definitions.
Masters and lookup facility for bank, branch, category, department, designation, leaves, location, loans, mode of payment, policies and pay components.
Options are available for customizing the settings for Arrears, Bonus, ESI, LTA, LWF, MA, PF, PT and Monthly (viz. No of working days/month, No of Working Hours/Day).
Facility to enter TDS amount.
Query Builder to fetch information regarding Employee Details.
Facility for OLAP.
Security with password protection.
User defined reports builder.
Pay Slip.
Pay Statement.
Bank Statement.
Actual Pay Statement.
Increment Decrement .
Negative Salary Statement.
Net Pay Rounded Error Statement.
Loan Statement.
Policy Statement.
Leave Statement.
OT Statement.
ESI Statement.
PF Statement.
PT Statement.
Arrears Statement.
Bonus Statement.
LTA Statement.
LWF Statement.
MA Statement.
Annual Salary Statement.
Consolidated Salary Statements.
Yearly Attendance Statement.
TDS Statement.
Employee wise Annual TDS Statement.
Statutory reports like.
  PF : Form 3A, Form 5, Form 6A, Form 10, Form 12A .
  ESI : Form 6, Form 7.
  PT : Form 5s .
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