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Mobile Application Development Services
In recent years, mobile, internet, smart phone applications, and mobile commerce have emerged as a growing and profitable business trend. The extensive capabilities of today’s smart mobile phones have enabled the creation of on-the-go solutions for business support and entertainment.
Mobile development has progressed well beyond straightforward messaging and games to serious business solutions and productivity tools. Currently mobile devices have large storage capabilities, powerful and robust processors and sleek displays. Add these capabilities to the instant connectivity they provide and companies with a creative mobile computing environment are well positioned to attain or maintain competitive advantage in today’s challenging business setting.
With the large population of consumers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia using iphones, laptops, and mobile devices, businesses are now successfully developing and deploying mobile applications on these technologies to ensure that customers can quickly access their company information and launch e-services. The new business model is providing customers the capability to choose the most convenient manner to access their e-world of business and entertainment services. It also makes it easy for companies to instantly locate customers in a variety of formats and technologies to promote and transact their products and services.
It’s a savvy way to ensure profitability and customer loyalty!
Starsoft Mobile Application Development Services
We offer end-to-end solutions for mobile application development and support, from solutions design and development through the launch and maintenance of custom mobile applications. We have the experience, capabilities, and tools necessary to transform a company's mobile ideas into a reality and new sources of revenue. Whether the mobile development needs are for a standalone mobile application, a handheld application integrated with an external backend system, an application that synchronizes with business software, or a mobile portal, we have expertise and experience creating all types of custom mobile applications.
Our mobile development focus areas include :
Custom mobile applications
Enterprise mobile applications
Database driven mobile applications
Mobile marketing applications
Mobile sites and stores
Mobile Technical Environments
The most difficult part of developing a mobile application is deciding on the right technology platform. Each mobile platform comes with a unique set of technologies and delivery models, so choosing the right platform is essential for achieving strategic business goals. With our experience with all leading platforms, we are ready to elucidate the advantages and disadvantage of each platform.
We will walk you through everything from the inception of the product idea to its design, delivery and support to end users, and will keep you involved as your project progresses to ensure that the mobile application we deliver suits your unique requirements.
We provide custom mobile application development services for :
iPhone application development
Windows Mobile application development
J2ME application development
Android application development
Our experience covers the following extensions of the mobile platforms listed above :
Mobile TV (RTP/RTSP)
Push To Talk (PTT)
Synchronization Protocol (SyncML)
J2ME Profiles MIDP, IMPS, MMAPI, Bluetooth (JSR Dev)
Device Management Protocol (DM)
SIM Toolkit Development
JavaCard/SmartCard Development
Games Development (iPhone, Blackberry and Android)
Transport HTTP, SNMP, SMPP, Wireless local loop, GSM/CDMA, SMS/MMS, Telephonic protocols
Voice SMS, Group SMS
Apple App Store
Our mobile development consultants have created and published an array of creative and useful business and game iphone application currently available in Apple’s App Store.
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