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Business Philosophy
The key components of the Startsoft business philosophy is outlined below.
Clients generally select a partner that they can trust all of the time. Consistent, reliable and timely delivery is top priority at Starsoft. We recognize that repeat business is the result of a client trust that we were able to successfully achieve our project objectives and deliverables. Our current Repeat Rate is 75%.
We firmly believe that every individual client is unique. We provide our services to valued clients in US, UK and India. For all client projects, we invest the appropriate time to design and implement a customized project environment to meet their individual work characteristics and needs.
Today, we live in knowledge-based economy where knowledge is the real power. In Information Technology, high quality and well-trained staffs which is extremely important. We take pride in ensuring that our professional staff is kept up-to-date with the latest technologies and business trends and directions.
Quality is mission-critical in the development and production of enterprise scale systems. Businesses depend on Starsoft solutions to run their core processes. This is why our quality consultants are very involved in all stages of the client development project .
This is the chief reason why organizations engage our services. We typically aim to achieve a 50% saving on software development and testing within our client projects. Our clients have verified that our software development quality standards match or exceed most US and UK companies.
At Starsoft, integrity are the foundation of our business. We demonstrate this trait at all touch point and in all interactions with clients, business partners, suppliers, each other and ourselves.
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