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Application Maintenance
Maintaining enterprise-wide business applications has become increasingly complex and costly activity for many companies. Aging mainframe systems, the continued shift to client/server and Web-enabled systems, mergers and acquisitions and global expansion have forced companies to devote more time, effort and money to keep their applications running at an optimum efficiency level. As a result, corporate IT activities are investing an increased percentage of their budgets and staff to day-to-day management tasks, instead of focusing on more mission-critical projects to promote business growth. To relieve the drain on their IT resources, many leading companies have made the decision to outsource the maintenance and support of their applications to IT services firms.
Organizations typically outsource application maintenance to achieve the following objectives:
Re-deploy existing staff to new development efforts.
Achieve higher user satisfaction.
Lower existing maintenance costs.
Provide better troubleshooting.
Reduce response time.
Improve stability, flexibility and security.
Our application maintenance and support methodology takes a two-staged approach to application maintenance, based on recognized best practices and supported by a stable, state-of-the-art infrastructure, which are described below.
Stage 1
Stage 2
Ongoing Maintenance / Steady State.
Continues Improvement.
Our Application Maintenance and Support Services comprises of:
Application Updates.
Application Enhancements.
Content Updates.
Error tracking and Debugging.
Performance Testing.
Performance Monitoring.
User Support.
Application Support.
Although all the focus and intellectual effort of many organizations is to build a new system to overcome some business problem or need, they sometime forget the equally large on-going support costs.
If you are not ready to move your development projects offshore, you can certainly move to the application support service.
For many organizations, once an application has been completed, the original development team is released on to new projects. In many projects, as the application enters the testing phase, the development team is gradually reduced. Application support is often not seen as "rewarding" and staff retention rate for those handling this role is low. This is not business model for offshore developers. The offshore approach is to leverage the knowledge and experience obtained in particular projects in similar engagements with an industry segments. For offshore support, the telephone number that the customer calls is typically a local number.
Starsoft maintains a team of offshore support analysts and developers to handle second and third line support. Depending on client requirements, we can dedicate a permanent team to provide ongoing support...
Typically, if Starsoft's Application Maintenance service is also used there is an overall cost reduction. The start-up cost and training time required for the support analysts is reduced.
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